WebStoryBuilder: Site Information form - Basic Information

Getting Started

After your base site is set up, you can send us specific requests for customizing the site using the Site Information form. The first sections - called Site Information - includes these fields:

  • Site Name
  • Logo
  • Sections and Menu Items
  • Custom Lists
  • Layout Options: Navbar Style, Padding, and Corner Rounding


WebStoryBuilder: Site Information form - Fonts


Your next step is to provide font specifications. These options are:

  • Font Family: selected from Google Fonts or Font Squirrel
  • Text Font Family
  • Heading Font Family
  • Font Sizes and Colors

WebStoryBuilder: Site Information form - Colors


The final step in your site specifications are color selections. You can specific three kinds of colors:

  • Your Brand: primary and secondary colors, typically based on the company logo or signage.
  • Messages: you can request customization of default colors so they coordinate with your brand color.
  • White and Black:  adjust from normal white or black if you wish.