Hosted on Pantheon

All WebStory Builder sites are hosted on, which automatically add a high level of security. Read this from Pantheon's help site:

"Pantheon sites use NGINX to concurrently serve requests. The NGINX web server ignores distributed configuration files such as .htaccess for reduced resource consumption and increased efficiency. This configuration is standard across all Pantheon sites, and modifications to the nginx.conf file are not supported."

And this:

"Drupal 7 and 8 checks for arbitratry code execution prevention by looking for a specific string in the .htaccess file. Since Pantheon uses NGINX as described above, this message can be safely ignored. For more details, see this issue on SA-CORE-2013-003."

This means that some of the hard-to-find security holes in Drupal are rendered moot. And that means greater security for all Web Story Builder sites.