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Is Web Story Builder right for you?

Web Story Builder was built for small and micro businesses and solopreneurs who:

  • Love our customers, clients and colleagues.
  • Are in business to serve.
  • Personally identify with our product or service — We believe “I am my brand.”
  • Value working with other small businesses.
  • Support and engage with our community, however its defined — geographic, social, religious, professional, vocational, shared interests.

We love to do things like this:

  • Brag on our customers
  • Brag about our employees and coworkers
  • Talk about our work — a lot!
  • Hold appreciation events
  • Post on social media about projects we’re working on
  • Always have a business card ready to hand out
  • Periodically tweak our elevator pitch
  • Belong to the Chamber of Commerce or other networking or community group
  • Prefer doing business with people we know or with people recommended by people we know
  • Have the company name on our vehicles
  • Buy ads in the local school event programs (football, theater, etc.)
  • Have a booth at community events or sponsor a booth for a charity at those events
  • Make donations to causes that our customers care about
  • Participate hands-on in the process of telling our story
  • Demand the best security practices to keep our users safe

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