Your website should be Personal,  Simple and Engaging.


See how our clients are using Web Story Builder to connect with their customers.



Your business is personal.

You have a story that your customers want to hear, so you speak with personality.

Bold images and videos. Or subtle colors and creative narrative.

Sonology Music tells their story with clear descriptions and audio previews .

See how other businesses tell their story using Web Story Builder.

How Does the Web Story Builder Create Personality?

Know Your Unique Story

We'll begin by outlining your business or organization story:

  • Who are your customers and prospects? What do they care about?
  • Why would they choose you?
  • How can you prove that you match what they need?
  • How can we engage them so they connect with you?

The answers are the basis of your website. We'll create a list of pages that address how your products and services match your ideal customer, then turn that into a site map. 

Get Ready for Content

In this step, we'll set up the menu and decide on what to include in the header and footer.

To guide the design, we'll review your logo and choose several key images or videos. These elements drive the colors, fonts, and other design elements to make the site uniquely you. 

With these decisions made, I'll use the Web Story Builder tools to set up your new site. Within one week, we'll be ready to start creating content.

Build and Launch

Now it's time to craft your web pages using effective storytelling techniques. We'll work together to create the home page, contact page and at least one key other page.  At this point, you'll have two options:

  • Content Ready: We can create all other pages for you, using text, images and videos that you provide.
  • Build Your Own: We give you a head-start by creating starter pages for the rest of the content. You finish out the details.   

As soon as we have a core group of pages ready, we launch the website that is uniquely you!


You appreciate simplicity, avoiding complexity when it detracts or slows down your business.

When Savanna, AKA the Savvy Sitter, needed a new site, simplicity was a priority: no code, no scripts. Easy to update. Easy to customize.

Creating content is broken down into simple steps. She says Web Story Builder is "simply personal and personally simple."

Even the pricing is simple. Three choices based on what your business needs now, with room to grow.

Take a look behind the scenes at creating a Web Story page.

Simple Pricing and Packages

Choose the package and options that match your business needs and budget:


Single-page site if you're just starting out.



Full Web Story Builder site with most content entered by you.


Content Ready

Full Web Story Builder site with all content done for you.

Small site (up to 10 pages)

Larger site (11-25 pages)

Commerce Add-On

Three product types, cart, checkout and payment processor setup.

+ $500

Multiple Domains / URLs

Used for custom landing pages or multiple URLs from one site.

+ $200

Monthly Hosting

Includes security updates, maintenance and personal support.

Start-Up: $30/month

Builder / Content Ready: $95/month

See Package and Pricing Details


Web Story Builder

Simple Means ...

For Web Story Builder clients, "simple" means the web developer is accessible, not hidden away from the people we're serving. That's Anne, the WSB creator in the video above.

"Simple" also applies to the web building process. We make it simple by using a standardized workflow combining best practices for web development and content marketing. That gets the most out of your marketing budget and time.

In case you're interested in the technology: Web Story Builder is built on the Drupal web development platform using tried-and-true site building techniques. Following these industry standards means that websites stay secure and stable for the life of your website.


You know it's vital to engage your customers, prospects and community.

Building acommunity in one of the fastest growing areas of the country is top of mind for Cynthia, the mastermind behind Horizon West Happenings . We customized her Web Story Builder site by adding a business directory. Now, residents can easily connect to local businesses and learn more about this booming community.

What will it be for you? Customized contact form, online reservations or orders, maps or calendar? Or perhaps compelling images and videos, technical specs, or something else? 

Is Web Story Builder right for you?