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We build websites that connect with clients and prospects.

Our web-building tool is based on industry best practices so sites launch quickly, stay secure, and are mobile and search engine friendly.


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How Does Web Story Builder Work?

Plan Your Story

We'll begin by outlining your business or organization story in a way that's optimized for the web. You'll choose colors and fonts, and we'll create a site map to organize your new website.

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Get Ready for Content

Next, I'll use my unique web story-building tool to set up your new site. Within one week, we'll be ready to start creating content.

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Build and Launch

We'll work together to create the home and other key pages. Then, I'll teach you one-on-one how to use the Web Story Builder tools to craft other pages using effective storytelling techniques. Finally we launch!

Track, Adjust & Grow

If you host your site on our servers, I'll help you monitor, adjust and grow your site -- and your business.


What Makes Web Story Builder Different?

Web Story Builder is a web-content creation service that’s in the “sweet spot” between expensive custom web development and DIY site-builders such Squarespace, Web.com, Wordpress and Wix.  You get the benefit of a website based on best-practice, industry standards and save time and money over a “start from scratch” site.

These savings mean that your time with the web developer is focused on developing and implementing optimized brand-story messages and features targeted to your marketing needs.

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What's Included?

The features included in Web Story Builder depend on the level of service you choose - and there's an option for every budget. This table describes the key features. There are many more available to help maximum your message. Use the request form below to request a free demo page and learn more.






All-inclusive, flat price
(paid 50% up front, 50% in 30 days;
10% discount for 100% prepay)




Number of pages Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mobile responsive
(works on desktop, tablet
and mobile devices)
Potential time to live 10 Days 30 Days 60 Days
Custom logo
Custom colors Two Five Five
Custom fonts
(choose from Google Fonts
or Font Squirrel)
Headlines and text
Images Unlimited with multiple display options
Video and/or audio files Unlimited with multiple display options
Search engine optimization
Site map
Social media links
Social media sharing
Menu Basic
(one-level, up to five items)
Custom main menu
(up to two levels)
Additional custom menus
Custom main menu
(up to two levels)
Additional custom menus
Custom header
(graphics, text blocks,
search form)
Footer Basic Custom Custom
Content tagging One category Multiple categories Unlimited
(contact form, email signup,
other custom forms)
One basic contact form
One email signup form
Multiple custom forms Multiple custom forms
Unlimited products
Up to three product types
Shopping cart
Single-page checkout
Payment gateway configuration
Tangible and digital products
Able to upgrade using
existing content
Additional features
on custom contract


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What could your site look
using Web Story Builder?

I'd love to show you how your company's website might look using Web Story Builder. Use this form to request a free demo page.

How does this work?

Send me your contact information and the URL of your current site. I'll create one page using your content and images to illustrate some of the features you'll get with an Enhanced site.

Don't have a website?

Send the link to your Facebook or other social media page. That content will work just fine. 

What happens next?

When I receive your request, I'll create the demo page then schedule a teleconference where I'll show you the page and key features of Web Story Builder. During that teleconference, you can tell me more about your budget and goals. We'll also discuss next steps for getting started.


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